The Origins

Our Past, Present and Future

  • Gem Paver Systems is a paver manufacturing icon. A synonym for uncompromising elegance. A quality epitomised by every brick paver going back more than 30 years. Each one was developed for superlative performance. Just like the youngest member of the family: the new polished slab and planks.
  • A purebred paver design. Developed in the minds of the greatest designers, and produced by the most modern machinery ever conceived. We are a melting pot of tradition and technology. A place where the art of engineering and heart and soul are one and the same thing. It is here that the new 2017 paver collection receives its finishing touches. For use on the most elegant homes in the world.
  • Our products are Infused with the combined expertise accumulated from producing over 200 million square feet, pleasing thousands of customers, and being recognized internationally. For ever greater heights of performance, Gem Paver Systems is a clear choice.
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